List of Services

You can get writing services from or you can buy already written content. But most of them is plagiarized and of zero quality. This is so because the firm does not use plagiarism checker software like ‘turnitin’, but some cheap software. Plus their main job is to scam and loot your hard earned money out of you and you won’t even know how they did it.


For a basic article of a normal standard, of a secondary school level, of 1 page of 500 words and with a direness of 24 hours, is going to charge you $21. Most importantly this is excessively costly. Normal rate of the market is $8 or $10 at greatest yet they are charging more. Second is that these individuals are giving services which does not merit a penny or two contrasted with their nature of service? This cost is progressively similar to burning your well- deserved cash.

User Reviews on Writing Service

Offsite user reviews show that this firm price rates are high. Also, the company threatened customers that if they ask for refund the firm will contact their university. So, overall, this is not reliable company. Some of customers review are given below.

“They don’t tell you the prices because they are expensive. I was unfortunate enough to choose this service by a random decision. They charged over $100 for a paper of two pages. The deadline was five days. So, the prices are way more expensive than you expect. My paper was okay, but it wasn’t anything special for this money.”

By Scarlett

“Don’t use this service! They give high prices. I’ve used other services that deliver better papers and they are cheaper.”

By Kian

Conclusion is not the best service to turn to if you need help with your essay. Their writing isn’t the best, the pricing is high, and the customer service isn’t as speedy as it needs to be. Besides, its writing services are plagiarized, and physical address is fake. Instead, you may be better off going with a different service.