List of Services doesn’t show any list of discipline that it can write papers about. But, you have to tell them that I need paper in your field of interest. This type of system is not good because customers are not known whether the firm has expert writers in your field or not. There is also no guarantee of originality is provided by this company.

Prices pricing system is also ambiguous. There is a pricing page but not any calculated method of recognizing the prices of the company. It can only be knowable after placing order. This kind of pricing system can never be trusted, as it can charge you highly. In addition to this, the discount is not available with for customers. Besides, the payment method is unrecognizable.

User Reviews on Writing Service

The people who have experienced with this firm are not happy with its services. Some reviews that this company delivered them services which were plagiarized around 50%. Also instances of reselling have been reported by them. Besides, they say that company do not provide any refund policy. And, its customer support team get angry when ask for revision or refund. Some of customers reviews are given below.

“I paid for an eight-page essay on a life history report. The person doing the essay does not read the pdf files and does the whole report wrong. After I want a revision and ask for a different writer they give me the same crappy writer. After I complain the second time they just blow me off. This is not the first time I use this site. The lie on their policy and try to give you the go around. You have been warned by me not to use this site”.

By Vinh

“I do not recommend this service. They are expensive and the writers are not as good as they say. I got a C+ for my essay”.

By VLord

Conclusion is not trustworthy. In the first instance, it has not given any sample of papers. Also, customers are not satisfied with this company quality of work. Besides, no information about writers is given on the company site. The only aim of this company is looting customers as its prices are very high. So, it is our advice to avoid this company for writing.