List of Services

The site claims that almost all kind of writing services are provided by them, however, no services page on the website is available. Moreover, its writers do not follow clients prescriptions. The requirements of customers and delivery by the company are contradicting with each other. Besides, whole papers are copied from online sources. So, trust is the thing which we cannot in this firm.


Regarding high school paper, charges $6 per page with a deadline of 14 days. If a client wants his work within a day, he will be charged between $20 to $30. Overall, its prices are not high, but its quality of the paper is bad.


It is concluded that is not a service we would recommend. Its agents are fake and frauds. They approach customers with their sweet talks and try to loot them. It has also a fake physical address. The delivery of work is completely irrelevant to customers instructions. Besides, the whole paper is plagiarized. The company cheats and deceives customers. so, it is our nice advice to never use this company site.

User Reviews on Writing Service

The clients who have used this company for writing are not happy with it. They have complained about bad grammar and content in their paper delivered by this firm. Some of customers reviews are given here.

“I did not like the essay this service delivered. It contained no mistakes and the price was good, but was definitely not an A grade paper.”

By Gill

“Horrible service and even worse content. I received a bad research paper. For a research paper, the most important thing is the references. In my paper, there were only a few and they were such a mess, I did not know how to fix it.”

By Olivia