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We have become habitual of using online writing services for our home-works and a lot of other writing assignments. But one thing that most of us don’t know is that most of the online writing service provider these days are either frauds or fakes. When it comes to writing according to other people’s mind, it’s not an easy job. Most online writing services are not as good as they claim to be as said above. Reason? Writers are not versatile. Most of the times writing is either plagiarized or not well written. Some are even fraud and scammers. is another company that claims to be good. Today we are going to rate them on fourteen different criteria’s.

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List of Services provides different kind of services such as business assignment, coursework writing, term paper writing, literature reviews, buy essay, write your essay, custom essay, essay help, lab report, research paper, point, math, proposal, study and report. But this cannot be trusted especially after reports of scams and multiple frauds by them


They will charge you £27.65 for a single page essay of 250 words of GSE/A-level with a time limit of 24 hours. This pricing is a bit higher than average in the market. And you don’t even know either you will get your work or a scam. It’s too much risk. Plus if you are lucky enough to get the desired work delivered it would be faulty consisting of a lot of grammatical and punctuation errors.

Conclusion promises its delivery of papers is never late. But our deliver was given after 2 days of the deadline. Customers have also reported bad delivery. This company could not satisfy its customers regarding on-time delivery, good and original work, and writers’ ability. So, is not a reliable company which should be used for writings.

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Regarding customers review, we found serious concerns. Many of them have complained high prices charges by this Besides, some have reported that company delivery is often late. This late delivery creates problems for those who are bound to strict deadline it their institution. So, be careful, this company can affect badly your grades. In addition to this, plagiarism is also reported in company writing by past customers. Thus, the company is not reliable in any aspect.

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