List of Services provides different kind of working as well as readily available services. You can either order them to write your essay or assignment or you can buy the one that are already available. However, you will find a lot of plagiarism in this company writing once you hire it. Moreover, when you report such plagiarism you will be blocked from visiting this company site.


They will charge you £19.98 for a single page essay of 250 words with a time limit of 24 hours. This pricing is a bit higher than average in the market. And you don’t even know either you will get your work or a scam. It’s too much risk. Also, the company refund policy is not real. In case of bad quality of work or late delivery, when customers ask for refund, they threatened them contacting their university. So, it is not reliable firm.

Conclusion all promises are fake. It is scam service. Quality is the basic thing in writing, so this aspect of this firm is extremely bad. Despite paying high, you cannot expect best quality from this company. Its writing services are plagiarized to great extent as they do not use software such as ‘turnitin’. Besides, it s physical address is wrong, and threats customers when they ask for refund. So, we do not recommend this company for writing services.

User Reviews on Writing Service

The user reviews indicate that company writers are not qualified and native English speakers. Also, company revised materials are provided without any change. So, in quality of services this company is worth nothing. Some of customers reviews are given below.

“Received a horrible piece of writing and asked for revisions, the “revised” paper came back exactly as it’s been before without ANY changes. In the end I was left out with no money and no paper completed.”

By Henry

“This is the worst service I have ever seen. Absolute scam. First things first, they are NOT native English speakers. Second, they are not even near being “experts” or even academic in any area. A two year old could make the same essay.”

By Macebath