List of Services

Though claims to provide all kind of services that are related to writing it doesn’t matter especially when they are looting their customer and scamming them by providing the worst services. However, its works have been reported miss behaviour, bad language, irrelevant deliveries, plagarized content and so on. Its writers are not qualified. They are college levels students, not professionals nor native English speakers.


This company also do not possess calculated pricing system, but the bidding system. Problem with biding system is that most writers bid high prices, and the customers can be charged in hundreds of dollars. It means that is not ‘cheap’ but expensive. Besides, it has been reported by past customers that this firm threats clients in terms of contacting their universities if they ask for a refund. It means that the company only aim is to loot and blackmail customers. So, this is not a trustworthy and safe company.

User Reviews on Writing Service

What past users of this company say about it? We have added some of their reviews to inform you about its credibility in writing services. They have been not happy with late delivery, bad quality of work and high prices of

“The writer was three hours late with my paper! It was not that serious this time since I ordered it ahead because I did not know how the service works, but I would be very irritated if this happened and I gave them the real deadline!”

By smith

“The papers are not that bad, but I could get better quality service for the price I am paying here.”

By Thomas Shepard

Conclusion is worst writing firm. they delivered irrlevalnt work to customers. they use bad and abusive language with its customers. We have been informed by past customers of this company that in case of asking for a refund, the company threatened them to contact their universities. So, no aspect of this company is trustworthy. It is a fraud company. This type of company can never be trusted.