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As in the current age importance of education has increased, the writing method changed from pen to computer and laptop which needs some extra skills. In the era of pen plagiarism and stolen contents were not easily recognized, but now the case is not so. Thus, we are going to check the credibility of this writing firm. Below is the review of ivoryresearch.

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Ivoryresearch offers homework and assignment writing services. It has made big claims regarding quality of work. We ordered from the ivoryresearch to check its credibility in writings. But we got disappointed by the company. In the following section, you will get all the details regarding this company. However, the company has no capacity to provide quality work. Because, we found a lot of basic grammars mistakes in the writing of this company. Moreover, the papers writing formats are not up to described standards. Getting involved with this company is a waste of time and money.


We were charged around $190 for 10 pages assignment by ivoryresearch. This is not a reasonable price when the quality of writing is also compromised. In addition to this, the company demands additional money for revision and plagiarism free work. We were also not given a discount on our order. Concerning payment method, the company allow PayPal, visa and master card, and American express.

User Reviews on ivoryresearch.com Writing Service

We investigated offsite reviews of this company past customers. They are not happy with this writing firms. Some have complained that its writers do not follow customers instructions, whereas others have reported that company do not provide any refund policy in case of bad quality of work. We are going to add reviews of some customers.

“My experience with ivoryresearch.com was damaging and very expensive. I had two assignment, I gave them half of the work already done by me and the results I received were far away from the requirements. For one of the tasks, they had the gut to send my file saying it is their work. And for the other, I received an answer to a different question. The due date is passed, I asked for a refund and they answer that they do not do that and also they hope my grade to be ok.”

By Lacra

“My order has been cancelled without any message. Makes me do 2500 words essay in 24 hours. Never use the website again.”

By Munim


We concluded from the above points that ivoryresearch is not worthy to be worked with. We do not recommend this company to our viewers for writings. The main reasons are the poor quality of service and late delivery. Besides, the prices of the service are very high. Moreover, some cases have revealed that the work of this company is plagiarized. So, you should avoid this company.

User Reviews

Average Rating: (based on 10 reviews)

My experience was great up until I experienced an issue with some of my papers. I ordered in advance from the company and my papers were graded a few days after the revision deadline, I received D's on like 15 of my papers and the company wasn't even willing to work with me even after spending hundreds of dollars with them, and if you have to call in the customer service is horrible and they can be very disrespectful and unpleasant to work with.

May 20, 2020

Full of plagiarism and all copied from webs you can easily found. Do not trust it when they say 0 plagiarism guarantee because they will tell you in the end the paper is only 30% plagiarism and they do not offer refund if less than 20% which they came out with the number. Terrible costumer service and terrible quality! STAY AWAY!

May 12, 2020

Worst experience ever!! The paper was far too overpriced for the disgusting quality of the paper. On top of it being horribly LATE!! I will never use this site again. They caused me to stay up far past midnight to wait for the late paper to be finished and still in terrible condition. I am shocked how it is still operating! This site should be terminated immediately.

May 03, 2020

I have been using them for a year now. Didn’t really have many problems besides some grammar errors and a few revisions. The worst experience was when I had them write a 15 page proposal. They did not find a writer until the due date. They were a month late and it was poor quality paper. Did not check completely follow the directions.

April 20, 2020

Don't even try the free version. The entire essay was word for word copied from Wikipedia. I have not tried for a payed paper, but I cna't imagine the results are much better. Not worth your time.

April 06, 2020

This company is horrible, they can do simple essays but anything above high school level is a joke. the quality is horrible and the writers don't even look at the information you give them to write about. the customer service is also a joke. they are way overpriced with writers that do not have the experience or degrees to efficiently write a good paper.

March 22, 2020

I paid $300 for a paper and gave very specific/detailed instructions. The paper had to be about my profession as a Dispatcher, but instead the paper was written about customer service. I asked for multiple revisions and each time the paper got worse. Poor english and APA skills were very apparent. When I asked for a refund since the paper wasn't even usable, they offered me 10% and kept arguing about how the paper was fine. I attempted to get my money back via Paypal, but they don't cover services on their guarantee. I am out a lot of money and ended up writing the paper myself.

March 10, 2020

My paper was wrote very poorly, got a D grade, The paper did not make any sense. What a terrible customer service.

February 11, 2020

Don't be fooled by being a "VIP" with this company, it means absolutely nothing. Been an appalling experience throughout. Was assured prior to placing an order that I would be assigned a writer who would know the subject area chosen very well and at a high quality level, this was not the case at all. They disregard anything you have to say after you hand over your money to them and then challenge them over the quality of the completed order. Doesn't get any worse than ivoryresearch.com and doesn't even deserve a star for the pleasure, stay away!!

January 14, 2020

I tried to get in touch with customer support after I wasn’t happy with the work they delivered, and of course, nobody was there to respond. For days. Not happy!

January 07, 2020


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